Meet our friendly and knowledgeable Chamber of Commerce and Welcome Center staff! They are here to promote the membership, welcome guests to town, and make sure visitors are armed with maps and information in order to best enjoy and explore Madison County!

Amara Huffine, Executive Director

Welcome to the Madison County Chamber of Commerce website! Whether you’re a Madison County resident looking for information or an out-of-town guest planning a visit… we’re glad you’re here!

Our vibrant, captivating community is rich in history, charm, and natural beauty. We are the home of the world-famous Covered Bridges of Madison County, the birthplace of John Wayne – one of the world’s most iconic screen actors, and home of the original Red Delicious apple tree. George Washington Carver lived in Winterset as he was in the midst of his studies at Simpson College in Indianola, IA, and Susan B. Anthony spoke from our courthouse steps as she fought for women’s suffrage.

Our courthouse square is teeming with charming boutiques, shops and restaurants and our city and county parks are some of the prettiest in the state of Iowa.

The Madison County Chamber of Commerce works to promote Madison County as a great place to work, play, live, and do business. Our membership is comprised of a diverse group of individuals, businesses, and organizations dedicated to improving our community and business economy.

Our Welcome Center is full of maps and information as well as Madison County souvenirs and treasures. We encourage you to stop by our office at 73 Jefferson Street in Winterset, and let our friendly staff help you find services and resources from our membership, or plan an outing to visit covered bridges and enjoy our community.

Thanks for stopping by!

Teddi Yaeger
Tourism & Marketing Specialist

What’s your favorite thing about Madison County? Madison County has wonderful people, beautiful rolling hills, and rich history of our early settlers. The town of Winterset along with the book, movie, and now musical showcasing our beautiful “Bridges of Madison County” make this a great place to visit!

Billie Haines
Finance Coordinator

What’s your favorite thing about Madison County? I grew up in a suburb of Des Moines but both of my parents were raised in Madison County. I remember visiting cousins with them in the area as a child, and even at a young age, was struck by the beauty of the land and communities. In my early adult years, my sister, my niece and I would spend several Saturdays a year shopping the square in Winterset. We loved visiting the shops and stopping for lunch at our favorite cafe. After the loss of my parents over 18 years ago, I struggled to find a place that felt like home to raise my family. My parents were both laid to rest in St. Charles, where they had first met on the town square at the age of 12. I dreamed for years after of moving closer to their beloved stomping grounds. We found a wonderful acreage between Earlham and Winterset over five years ago, and I knew immediately this was where we belonged. Although I was not raised here, moving to Madison County felt like coming home.

Stephanie Gerleman
Welcome Center Staff

What’s your favorite thing about Madison County? Madison County feels like home with all the friendly people and beautiful town square. I love all the events that happen here. There is always something to do or to help with. Life is good in Madison County.

Lucretia Banks
Welcome Center Manager

Leslie Allen
Welcome Center Staff

What’s your favorite thing about Madison County? There is so much to love! I am so proud to share the glory of our community with the visitors that come into the Welcome Center from all over the world.

The historic bridges, Clark Tower, the Winterset City Park, the Iowa Theater, the Quilt Museum, John Wayne’s birthplace, the Winterset town square, and the majestic courthouse that graces the center of our town are just a few of the items I appreciate. Then, there’s all the adorable boutiques (Angel Wings!), restaurants (the Drift, especially!) and, of course, Frostee’s for the most delicious ice cream around.

It’s really awesome that Earlham (WOO!) and St. Charles have many new places coming and in business reviving their main streets now. The Sunday night free music in the Earlham (WOO! And the H is silent!) from June-August at the Levitt AMP amphitheater in the Earlham (WOO!) City Park is one of the most amazing things that happens in Madison County. Awesome family friendly fun in the summertime is really something special!

The very best part is the people in the community who care so much about the towns and each other. We got to see that in action when the tornado came through in March. The outpouring of love, support and comfort was incredibly beautiful. That doesn’t just happen in times of trouble either. There are so many people who do things to support the community every day in so many ways every day.

These are just a few of the reasons why I love where I live and those who I have the pleasure of working with and living near. There is a lot more, but limited space to go on & on about all the wonderful things I love about Madison County.

Catherine Stetzel
Welcome Center Staff

I love Madison County for so many reasons but the biggest is the community. Since moving to Madison County, my husband and I have been welcomed with open arms. It is a joy to celebrate the community events the Chamber puts on like Covered Bridge Festival and Winterset Festival of Lights. We are so blessed to have such a strong community and the Madison County Chamber of Commerce.