Board of Directors

The mission of the Madison County Chamber of Commerce is to make Madison County a better place to live, work, play and conduct business. Meet our Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, working hard to uphold that mission. This team of volunteers works to promote our organization throughout the community, set policy, and explore opportunities to expand our reach. Feel welcome to reach out to them if you have questions or want to know more about the Chamber of Commerce.

Peter Loiler, Chairman
Edward Jones

Why I love Madison County is it has allowed me to be successful and to be myself at the same time. I am an honest and direct person and this has been embraced and rewarded since I have come to Madison County. Madison County’s citizens seem to be friendly, honest, hard working and somewhat hopeful about the future. These are the traits I have and love finding in others. I love it here and plan to live here the rest of my life. Madison County is a great place to work, live and play.

Nate Fehl, Vice Chairman

Allissa Johnson, Secretary
Bricker-Price Block

Allissa Johnson has served as the Executive Director of the community event space, Bricker-Price Block in her hometown of Earlham, Iowa for the last five years. As the sole employee of the nonprofit, she considers herself a “Jack of All Trades” filling many traditional roles like event coordinator, program director and marketing manager. But, she also takes on some of those “not-so-glamorous” responsibilities like weed-puller and janitor.  

Bricker-Price Block hosts a wide variety of programs and event every year in their historic building like their Kids Club Summer Camps, Senior Speaker Series, Daddy-Daughter and Mommy-Son Dances, Bacon Bash and their Harvest Gathering Farm-to-Table Dinner… which has been featured as one of the top farm-to-table experiences by Travel Iowa.  

As an Enneagram Seven or “the enthusiast”, her greatest value is laughter which you see come through her social media presence at Bricker-Price Block and in her everyday life. She’s a single mom of two children, Miles & Ella, and she also has served as President of a philanthropic group of over 60 women, called Chicks with Checks and as Secretary of our Madison County Chamber of Commerce Board.  

Jeff Dick, Treasurer

Nicole Kems, Board Member
Angel Wings & CT / Aerie Loft

Madison County’s beautiful rolling hills of timber by the North River is where we call home.  My husband & I love Winterset’s small town values and think it’s a perfect place to raise our family and have our businesses.

Kris Miler, Board Member
Speckled Hen Farms and The Roost

I 🩷 Madison County for the wonderful people, for the support the community gives to local businesses ( and each other), for the beauty surrounding us and the joy I feel every day living here. I feel like I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be!

Jen Frease, Board Member
MadCo Media Group — The Shopper, The Madisonian and The Exchange

I love Madison County for many reasons, however, the biggest reason is, the people who live in this county are the best!  You don’t have to look far to find caring, community-minded people!  There is a great sense of pride, connection and gratitude from so many who genuinely want to make Madison County a wonderful place to live and work!   

Tara Kaysen, Board Member
Kaysen Family Farms

When we moved here from Colorado 5 years ago we felt so fortunate to have found a beautiful property to begin life in Iowa. Not only do we love our home, we love this community.  

We love all that Madison County provides; events & tons of opportunities. We describe Madison County as our own Hallmark Movie to our family who has yet been able to come to Iowa to visit.   

We have always felt a warm welcome from the community and were encouraged by the community to grow our business and join the Chamber. In our family we aren’t afraid of hard work and making improvements where we can.  Being a part of the Madison County Chamber I want to bring this same work ethic and make improvements that our members & community as a whole can benefit from.

Melissa Callstrom, Board Member
American State Bank