Amid the closures and social distancing due to COVID-19, it’s important now more than ever to support local businesses by:

  • Buying Gift Cards NOW to use later
  • Buying items now for future pick up, take out, or delivery
  • Keeping Memberships current– many places rely on your dues to operate
  • If you know a business owner, ask how you can help them during this time

The Madison County Chamber of Commerce is doing just that and has compiled responses from our Members on how you can support them in their time of need. To add your business, fill out this form.

1st Avenue Collective

Hours: Currently closed and reopening in new location (maybe mid-April). Our online store is open.

Gift Cards are available. They can be purchased online or by phone, 515-505-4396.

How can the community help? Shop online, register for future classes in June, and buy gift cards.

Anchored Walls

Hours: We are operating routine hours. The phones are being answered by 7:30am until 5pm weekdays.

Note: We have taken extra measures to ensure we are practicing social distancing, daily disinfecting routines, and communication with our customers. Our employees are taking precautions to avoid exposure to ill people and have restricted any travels. We are learning each day more about the pandemic and are following CDC recommendations.

How can the community help? Share our website and Facebook pages. This would allow our community to be educated and aware of our trade services. They can then recommend us to anyone having needs to stabilize their foundations or manage water troubles.

Angel Wings & CT

Hours: Currently we are open Mon-Fri, 10am to 5:30 pm, Saturday 10am to 5pm, closed on Sunday.

Gift Cards are available. They can be purchased at our online store, delivered by email.

Note: We allow personal appointments with a sign on the door, “closed for a personal party.” We can ship purchases made through the website. We will post promotions on our website and Facebook.

Anything Sweet & More Cafe

Hours: We are open 11am to 3pm Tuesday-Saturday. We are open and willing to cook, but no one is allowed to eat in the establishment.

Curbside Pick-up is Available. Will post menus on Facebook and/or in the window.

b. shannon designs

Our hours are the same: We are open our usual business hours at this time. Brooke can also provide ideas and designing services through texting and email.

Gift Cards are available. They may purchase by e-mailing or calling the store number: 515-462-6749.

Brooke can deliver or mail items if someone does not want to leave home.

How can the community help? Just remembering we are open for any gift giving and repairs or cleanings.

The Bakery Unlimited

Hours: We are open now for walk in sales only, regular hours, Tuesday – Saturday, 5:30 am to 5pm (except Saturday, when we close at 4:00).

Gift Cards are available. Need to come in to purchase them.

Curbside pick-up is available. Can drive up for a delivery if prearranged at either front or back door.

How can the community help? We would like to remind people that we sell breads, cakes and other baked goods other than donuts.

Bare Bison

Hours: Open Monday-Saturday, 9am to 3pm

Gift Cards are available. They can be purchased online.

Note: Watch for promotions on our website and Amazon.

Curbside pick-up is available and we will deliver.

How can the community help? Shop for Bare Bison on Amazon or visit our website.

Bricker-Price Block

Hours: We are open now for walk in sales only, regular hours, Tuesday – Saturday, 5:30 am to 5pm (except Saturday, when we close at 4:00).

Gift Cards are available. Purchasing by phone (515.314.5794) is available right now, but we are working on an online option.

How can the community help? The community can help us right now by sharing and liking our posts on social media or purchasing gift certificates for future programming, events and/or rentals.

The Cellar

Hours: At this time we are open Monday-Friday 6am-2pm and Saturday 7am-2pm, with lunch from 11am-1pm.

Note: From now until March 27, FREE Pammel Park Coffee daily brews. We also have To-Go boxes of coffee that include cups, lids, sugar and creamer.

Gift Cards are available. Need to come in to purchase them.

Curbside pick-up and carry-out are available.

How can the community help? Stop in or order over the phone for take out/curbside pick up.

Covered Bridges Winery

Hours: Our tasting room is closed until further notice. We are still delivering to our retail outlets.

Gift Cards are available. Order by phone, and we are working on an online option as well.

How can the community help? Continue shopping local is always best. If there is a flavor of wine that is not carried by your local store, contact us by phone or email – we may be able to set up a curbside pick up arrangement. Our wines are available for shipment via Vinoshipper on our website under the purchasing tab. We have always had great community support and would like to thank each and everyone of you for your patronage! Be safe and be well!

Heartland Fiber

Hours: 10-4 Monday-Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, and 10-8 Thursday. Closed Sunday.

Note: We are offering free shipping for online or telephone orders.

Gift Cards are available. Give us a call (working on making online gift card purchases available).

Curbside pick-up is available.

How can the community help? Stop in or order over the phone for take out/curbside pick up.

The Iowa Theater

We are closed through March 31st.

Gift Cards are available. Gift cards can be purchased on our website (see “More Information”).

How can the community help? Purchasing gift certificates and making donations. We’ve added buttons on the main page of our website: to make navigation as easy as possible.

Madison County Abstract

Our hours are the same: Monday through Friday, 8am to 4:30 pm.

We do have an online order system and lots of information to be found on our website.

Madison County Extension & Outreach

Hours: We do not have office hours open to the public right now, but we are working remotely. Clients can call or email us as usual and we will be transferring office phone calls and answering emails.

How can the community help? The community can best support us by knowing that we are still open to the public and happy to help them. We will just be working remotely.

Madison County Historical Society

Hours: All of the buildings at the Historical Complex are closed, but the grounds are always open.

Madison County Parks/Conservation Board

Hours: Public Parks are open – hours as usual. At the current time our campgrounds are still scheduled to open April 3, but may change pending changes in protocols. The Conservation Board Office and the Nature Center are closed to visitors through March 30th.

How can the community best support you right now? Feel free to use our parks, but we encourage everyone to practice Department of Health recommendations concerning social distancing. Avoid other groups or popular gathering places and do not gather in groups larger than 10.

Mark It Professionals, LLC

Hours: We are taking orders and delivering. Our hours have not changed; M-F, 9am to 5pm.

Note: We have several manufacturers that do have discounts on a variety of items. View our online store.

Curbside pick-up is available.

How can the community help? Just know that we are operating as usual.

Medicap Pharmacy

Our hours are the same: 9am to 6pm M-F, 9am to 1:30 pm Saturday, Closed Sunday.

Gift Cards are available. Call 515-462-2880 to purchase, Opt. 0, to purchase.

Drive up is available.

We do have sale items which include soap, diapers, and other daily needs. We will continue to keep our wait times down. Most insurances are allowing patients to get a 30-day supply early at our discretion. Please let us know if you’d like us to run yours early to keep the social distancing easier.

How can the community help? If you are sick, please use drive through, free local delivery or mail.

Parker Welding

Hours: We are open for business as usual. Current hours are: Office, Mon-Fri 8:00am – 4:30pm.

Piece Works Quilt Shop

Hours: We are shortening our hours of operation to noon to 5:30 p.m Monday through Saturday. We will not be open Thursday evenings or on Sundays for the foreseeable future.

Gift cards are available Customers wanting gift cards can call the shop and give us their credit card information and we’ll send their cards to them by mail or they can stop by the shop.

Note: Follow our facebook page and we will offer specials from time to time. We will also be highlighting some of the new lines of fabrics that are coming in. We also sell patterns online.

How can the community best support you right now? Continue to purchase supplies from us in whatever manner makes the most sense for you. We are willing to ship orders to your home, bring purchases to your car for curbside pick up, or come in during our limited hours if you need to match a fabric or color.

Pine Creek, Ltd.

Hours: Our hours are currently Tuesday thru Saturday 10am to 4pm.

Gift certificates are available (purchase via phone or in store).

How can the community best support you right now? Hopefully people are not afraid to shop locally. We are very careful to clean and disinfectant as much as we can! Also, we would not be here if we felt ill.

R. Scarlett Scribe, LLC

Note: Many public and private funding opportunities are in application stage now. Please feel welcome to call for a consultation to see how a structured fund development plan for your organization or professional research or writing a fund proposal can make a different to your bottom line. Sliding stage rates apply for small to medium organizations and non-profits.

(402) 679-7262

Shawn’s Furniture

Hours: We are open for business as usual.

Note: Reasonable offers are never refused! Pick-up will get a slight discount.

Small Business Growth Alliance

Hours: Yes, open as usual. I answer the phone any time I can get to it. I have clients in NYC and San Francisco. It isn’t unusual for me to be helping clients by 7am or near midnight.

Note: I am currently offering a FREE Clover Flex handheld device ($525 Value) for new processing accounts as well as FREE in-person local support getting inventory and menu entered online.

We are also offering 3 months FREE for any new PAYROLL account.

How can the community support you right now? Consider your own business’ ability to conduct business – take orders online, delivery services, mobile payments for delivery drivers, shipping products, etc. This is what SBGA does – implement systems to move merchants toward these additional areas of revenue. If a business is NOT selling product online, they are missing the boat in this day and age. Most online stores generate more sales than their brick and mortar store. Call me and I am happy to evaluate your situation. Self-employed people will be hit hard by this crisis, and no bailouts or unemployment or sick leave etc is available for self employed folks. Doing business with us right now to better position your own business is the bet way to help us right now.

Teddi Yaeger Photography

Hours: Wedding coverage is up in the air right now while restrictions are in place as to the size of gatherings. However, portrait photography (groups of 10 or less) is considered safe. Sessions are by appointment only, so please contact me about securing your date.

Gift Cards are available. Please email me to purchase gift cards in any amount:

How can the community help? Family, senior and business portraits are still available as they meet the criteria for safety precautions. Outdoor sessions are preferable for family and senior portraits, while business portraits may take place indoors or out. If you are unsure about having photos taken in the next month or two, please consider purchasing a gift certificate (which will not have an expiration date) for when you feel the time is right!

US Cellular – Cellular Advantage

We are on reduced hours: 10 AM to 5 PM Monday through Saturday and closed on Sundays.

Please Note: U.S. Cellular is not charging late fees or suspension fees, nor are we disconnecting service, for customers affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.

We also have affordable options for high-speed Internet for residents who suddenly have to work from home and they might not already have reliable high-speed Internet at home.

How can the community help? As a business we are working to ensure there are no layoffs and reducing hours as little as possible. But as a small locally-owned business we are unable to provide the unprecedented changes that large companies are able to provide. The best way the community can help is by continuing to show local support and shopping local. Buying a needed charger from us over Amazon helps to ensure our local employees stay employed and that our business can continue to provide for the community.

Village Bootery

Our hours are the same: As of now, we are open our normal business hours: M – F 9:00 am to 5:30 pm, and Sat. 9:00am to 5:00 pm.

Gift Cards are available. The best way to purchase is by phone.

Curbside delivery is available.

Please Note: We have many in-store specials.

How can the community help? If you need something please come in. We have taken all the precautions to keep you safe. I will come out to your car if you feel safer that way.

Wildwood Hills Ranch

Hours: We are open. We have limited the number of individuals at The Ranch at one time and moved almost all employees to a remote working environment for the time being.

Online Store: Visit our online shop to purchase items (see categories in drop-down menu, upper right corner).

How can the community help? We serve 1,000 youth at-risk and veterans in need annually through educational programming, leadership development training, job skill training and equine therapy. In times of health and financial crises like these, child abuse typically increases. Especially with more times of isolation present for it to occur. Any prayer for our youth and their families would be greatly appreciated.  For businesses that have not been as affected by this pandemic we would appreciate any monetary support they could provide as we are also hit extremely hard in financial crisis as a non-profit organization. In times like these, the need for our services does not go away—in fact, it INCREASES. Therefore, our financial need of support is greater now than ever before!

Winterset Websites

Hours: Julie Feirer is working regular hours, 9am to 5pm Monday – Friday, as well as some emergency after-hours requests for posting cancellations, closures, etc.

If you’ve been thinking about a new blog or website, or updating your existing site, call me at 515-468-1968 or email

How can the community help? I’m doing ok! But let me know if I can help you brainstorm ideas for promoting services online or setting up virtual conference meetings.