Howell’s Farm and Florals Tour

Location:  3145 Howell Court, Cumming (13 miles northeast of Winterset’s courthouse square)
Phone:  (515) 981-0863
Email:  Website:
Number of Guests:  Can accommodate groups of 50 or more
Recommended time:  1 hour
Price:  $5.00 per person

This includes dried floral tour, baby goat cuddling (May-Aug), a bucket of feed to give to their friendly family of goats, plus shopping at the Farm Market and greenhouses (April-June). Add an additional $3.00 per person for a 15-minute presentation on how Howell’s makes things with the flowers. 

The farm covers a little over 800 acres outside Cumming, Iowa, in the heart of Madison County. For years, the rolling farm land and pastures were used for growing corn, beans, hogs, and cattle, but in 1985, farmer Fred began raising flowers specifically for dried florals.  Today, those flowers cover more than 5 acres, and guests delight to tour the gardens, as well as the greenhouse, Gift Shop and the upper floor of Howell’s 1910 Barn, where the flowers are hung to dry.

Pammel Park Coffee Company

Location:  1968 Pammel Park Rd, Winterset (Just over 3 miles from the Welcome Center)
Phone:  (515) 441-5368
Number of Guests:  Groups of 50 or fewer recommended at one time, but can accommodate more during nice weather.
Recommended time:  1 hour
Price:  $8.00 per person, Monday – Friday

After nearly 20 years in the coffee importing business, Matt and Naomi Hupton decided to leave the big city life of Minneapolis and move to the Winterset farm that has been in their family for over 100 years. Their focus is on high quality coffees, roasted fresh to perfection, and delivered with an unmatched level of customer service. They love sharing their knowledge of the coffee industry and the roasting process. Visitors can enjoy a cup of fresh roasted coffee in their shop while learning about the journey these little seeds take from farms thousands of miles away to a café or grocery store. Whether you consider yourself a coffee connoisseur or only occasionally indulge in a cup, Pammel Park Coffee Company is a destination that will shed some light on the mystery of coffee and leave you wanting more of that fresh-roasted goodness.

Rusty Stars Alpacas

Location:  2054 Rustic Lane, Winterset (6 miles southeast of Winterset’s courthouse square)
Phone:  (970) 214-6103
Email: (Aron Schultz)
Number of Guests:  Up to 50-60 at one time recommended, but can accommodate larger groups outdoors
Recommended time:  45 minutes – 1 hour
Price:  $2.00 per person

Rusty Stars Alpaca Farm is a 20-acre farm in Winterset along Highway 92 near Patterson. Your guests get to meet the alpacas and learn about the process of shearing and using their fiber. They have a cute little shop there as well with their products. 

Kaysen Family Farms

Location:  2314 Timber Ridge Ave., Saint Charles
Phone:  (970) 231-3720
Email: (Tara Kaysen)
Number of Guests:  Up to 50-60 at one time recommended, but can accommodate larger groups outdoors
Recommended time:  1 hour
Price:  $8.00 per person including tour, small snack and drink

Kaysen Family Farms is a small farm that loves raising homegrown, purebred pigs. They pride themselves on producing their stock humanely and focus to make sure that each pig is living its best life. The tour will take you through the maternity ward and nursery. Pet and play with some piggies who love to have scratches behind their ears! You’ll also see the market hog pen and learn how their pork is produced. A healthy pork snack, a cold drink and some time for shopping will round out the tour.