Our festival theme for 2016, “Quilted Gems: Precious Fabric of Madison County,” was inspired by the new Iowa Quilt Museum now located in a historic building on the Winterset town square. We hope you’ll have a chance to visit it while you’re here!

In addition to touring the museum, we’ll be showcasing a variety of quilt-themed activities for the whole family to enjoy:

Covered Bridge Quilters Annual Quilt Show

  • Located at Winterset Elementary School, 404 South 2nd Ave.
  • 9am to 5pm on Saturday and 10am to 4pm on Sunday
  • $3 admission at the gymnasium door
  • Includes “Make a quilt block for a Veteran” activity
  • Featuring a quilt raffle, exhibit of quilts made by the Covered Bridge Quilters, a display of baby quilts made for NICU Baby Quilt Project (a mission of the Covered Bridge Quilters), hand-made items for sale, bargain area with remnants, and quilting vendors.
This is the 2016 Raffle Quilt that you could win at the Covered Bridge Quilters Annual Quilt Show, Oct. 8-9!

Fabric Coloring Book by Piece Works Quilt Shop

Located in front of Piece Works Quilt Shop, 54 E. Court Ave., Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Children and families can color together on fabric that is printed like a coloring book.

Quilting Talks by the Iowa Quilt Museum

Each of the presentations listed below will be given in front of the Iowa Quilt Museum at 68 E. Court Avenue.


10:00 – “Patchwork Heirlooms: Care and Storage of Quilts” with Iowa Quilt Museum Curator, Virginia Berger. Virginia will share information about ideal conditions for caring for and storing those quilts which are, or may someday become, family heirlooms.

11:00 – “The Abridged History of Quilting” with Iowa Quilt Museum President, Marianne Fons.

12:00 – “Patchwork Heirlooms: Care and Storage of Quilts”

1:00 – “The Abridged History of Quilting”

2:00 – “Patchwork Heirlooms: Care and Storage of Quilts”

4:00 – “Patchwork Heirlooms: Care and Storage of Quilts”


10:00 – “DIY – Barn Quilt Block Painting Demonstration” with Mark Davis

1:00 – “DIY – Barn Quilt Block Painting Demonstration” with Mark Davis

Live Quilt Auction by the Iowa Quilt Museum

At 3:00 pm on Saturday on the Mel Penrod Stage (south side of the courthouse steps), catch the Quilt of Valor presentation followed by a live auction of 12 quilts made and donated by local quilters.

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Click here to see details about all twelve quilts up for auction, or see them on display at the Iowa Quilt Museum all day Saturday until the auction takes place.