Adel Winterset TV & Appliance

224 Highway 92
St. Winterset, Iowa 50273
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Current response to COVID-19:

Hours: Adel Winterset TV & Appliance will continue to be closed at our Winterset location until further notice, but our Adel store is still currently open. Hours are 8-4 Monday – Friday and Saturday 8-Noon. Although they are open, we are treating it as an emergency service. It is not open for people to open browse. Please be courteous to others and if you are feeling ill, please stay home and our people will do the same for you! Like all of you we are waiting in anticipation to get back to our regular scheduled daily lives, be safe, be well! If you want to call Adel before you head their way, their number is (515)993-4287, Heating and Cooling Emergencies call Terry (515)707-7671

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