73 E. Jefferson St, Winterset, IA 50273  |  515.462.1187

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Covered Bridge Realty

104 N. 1st Ave.Winterset, IA 50273(515) 462-9292 WebsiteFacebook – Toni Tindle, Covered Bridge Realty Group LLC

Iowa Realty

80 SE LaurelWaukee, IA 50263(515) 453-6714 John ShawPhone: 515.240.1085 or 515.462.4394Email: johnshaw@iowarealty.com Bob WeeksPhone: 515.468.1051 or 515.453.5751Email: bobweeks@iowarealty.com Trena WalkerPhone 515-468-0160Email: trenawalker@iowarealty.com WebsiteFacebook

Cutler-Donahue Bridge

Built in 1870 by Eli Cox, the Cutler-Donahoe bridge is 79 feet in length and features a pitched roof. Originally located over the North River near Bevington, it was moved to its present site in Winterset’s City Park in 1970. Cutler-Donahoe … Read More

Bricker-Price Block

105 S. Chestnut Ave.Earlham, Iowa 50072515-758-3980 On FacebookWebsite Restored inside and out, the historic Bricker-Price Block serves as the cornerstone for renewed community life in Earlham and Madison County, extending a welcome to guests from Central Iowa and beyond. On … Read More


C.R.I.S.P. (Community Resources in Service to People)210 W. Green St.Winterset, Iowa 50273(515) 462-9400 On FacebookWebsite C.R.I.S.P., Community Resources in Service to People, welcomes you to join in our goal of helping families by supporting the five Strengthening Families Concepts.

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