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Welcome To Madison County, Iowa

The Madison County Chamber of Commerce is located in Winterset, Iowa, the county seat of Madison County, Iowa.  Madison County is home to the world-famous “Bridges of Madison County”, is the birthplace of John Wayne, and is home of the original seedling of the Red Delicious apple.  To experience authentic American charm, beautiful natural scenery, ties to history, and a vibrant and thriving courthouse square shopping district, visit Madison County, Iowa!

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"Bill On the Road" Visits Winterset, IA!

Enjoy this video of John Wayne Birthplace Executive Director Brian Downes as he explains the beginnings of the John Wayne Birthplace Society, the collection of artifacts the Birthplace houses, and exciting plans that continue for the construction of the new Museum, slated to open May, 2015!  There's terrific video footage of our lovely county seat of Winterset, too.  

"I think Winterset, Iowa is the most all-American town you can imagine....and as picturesque as can be.  You don't need much more reason to visit a place than that." - Brian Downes

Click here to read the blog entry on Bill's website, and view an album of lovely photos featuring the John Wayne Birthplace and our beautiful Winterset, Iowa!